In and around the house

Task 1: chores

Match the chores with the pictures. Do this by dragging the text block to the box below the corresponding image.

Task 2: Complete the sentences.

Task 3: Watch video and answer the questions below

Task 4: Word Search

Zoek de woorden die onderaan de puzzel staan. Let op: de woorden kunnen horizontaal, verticaal of diagonaal in de puzzel staan (ook achterstevoren). Ook als je niet alles kunt vinden, lever je de opdracht in. Dit kan met de ‘inlever’ knop onderaan de puzzel.

Task 5: Prepositions of place

Task 6: Tell me about your house!

Make a video home tour as I did and send it to


Write a short story about your house, tell me about the rooms you have and describe one of the rooms and what this room looks likes from the inside. You can do this in the form below.

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